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Looking for an Auto mechanic shop you can trust? Then look at Canadian Auto Approved Repair Services. Our auto repair facility Repair program must meet stringent requirements for quality service at fair prices and warranties. For whatever brings you in to a repair shop, you want the best quality work for your vehicle, that is why we ensure you get quality work at a fair price – guaranteed, so our can feel confident in the service that you receive. 

Do you need automotive service repairs?

Canadian Auto Service Repairs specializing in:

  • Complete mechanical Automotive service 
  • Napa Auto Care Center
  • Lift Kits, levelling kits, big tires and custom wheels
  • Warranty Inspection, Safety Inspections, Out of province inspection licensed facility
  • Tires, wheels and Alignments, mufflers, brakes, transmissions, and wheel alignments
  • installation, rotation, repair, or balancing of tires.
  • Transmission/driveshaft/axle/bearings
  • Brake jobs, tune-ups, brakes/caliper/shoe/cylinder/clutch
  • Lube/Oil/Filter services /oil changes/lubrications (lube jobs)
  • Motor/crankshaft/head gasket/manifold/piston/timing belt/valves
  • Mufflers and exhaust systems, mufflers/cruise controls/alternators
  • Electrical
  • Automotive air conditioner repairs, air conditioning/heater/cooling system/radiator/water pumps/thermostat
  • Automotive glass repairs and installation

All work is repaired by licensed auto mechanics and technicians.

Canadian Auto Remarketing Automotive Repair Financing.

Auto repairs can be costly when they happen. Whether it is unforeseen mechanical issues, or a new set of tires. Canadian Auto Remarketing offers Automotive Repair Financing with our flexible auto repair loans will get your vehicle safely back on the road – quickly.

  • The process is 100% online and secure.
  • Drive away and pay later!
  • Terms up to 48 months
  • Maximum Loan Amount $5,000
  • Terms Loans of $2,500 – up to 24 months
  • Loans of $2,501 – $5,000 – up to 48 months
  • Efficient. Approved.
  • No income verification required.
  • application to customers, anywhere, 24/7
  • Online application process with quick approval status

We do Out-of-province and commercial vehicle inspections

Registering an Out-of-Province (OOP) Vehicle in Alberta? A motor vehicle from outside of Alberta must pass an Alberta Out of Province Vehicle Inspection before licence plates can be issued.

Canadian Auto Remarketing/Napa Auto Care Center in St Albert, AB. Is Licensed Vehicle inspection facility by Alberta Transportation Specializing in; OPI – Out of province inspections, CVIP – Commercial vehicle inspections, Uber/Taxi Vehicle Inspection, AMVIC Inspections, Warranty Inspection, Insurance Inspections, Buyer/Seller inspections, Safety Inspections on Commercial Bus, Light Duty Trucks, School Bus, Light Motorhome, and all makes and models of import and domestic vehicles.

What the Inspection Involves:
This inspection must be performed by a certified journeyman technician who is licensed by Alberta Transportation’s Vehicle Inspection Program (VIP). Typically the inspection takes two hours to perform.

The mechanical fitness portion of the OOP vehicle inspection involves virtually all vehicle components including fuel and exhaust systems, all electrical, engine controls, powertrain, driveline, steering, suspension, braking systems, wiring and lights, tires, glass, wipers, and defrosters.

Inspection Deadlines

Vehicles that fail the initial inspection must be repaired within 10 days of the failure notice to avoid an additional full inspection fee assessment. Vehicles repaired and presented for re-inspection within 10 days will be subject to verification of required repairs only. Inspection certificates are valid for 14 days and vehicles must be registered in Alberta before the expiry date. Should the vehicle owner fail to register the vehicle within 14 days a full OOP Vehicle Inspection will be required again.

We supply and install all major tire brands

Great Deals on Tires available to us;

  • Michelin, Uniroyal, Yokohama
  • Pirelli, Toyo, Kleber, Rakla
  • Nexen, Kelly tires, Goodyear
  • Samson, Laufenn, Kenda
  • BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Continental
  • Dick Cepek, Dunlop, Falken, Fierce
  • Fuzion, GT Radial, Starfire, Firestone
  • Mickey Thompson, Hercules tires
  • General tire, Ironman, Westlake tires
  • Cooper tires, kumho Tire, Nitto
  • Hankook, Dayton, Nankang, Titan, Sumitomo Tire.
We supply and install all major tire brands

We Sell, install, Align and Balance Tires.

We carry a large selection of major brands of tires and rims for all vehicle makes and model! Be ready for the winter! We have a great Selection of winter tires and wheels to keep you on the road.

  • Konig, Walker Evans racing, ICW Racing
  • Rim alloy Canada, Pacer, Advanti racing
  • Black rock, Bravado performance, Carlisle
  • Extreme wheel, Focal, North shore wheel
  • Cragar, DTD, Envy, BMF wheels
  • Fittipaldi, Ultra motor sports, Centerline
  • Dropstars, Fond metal, Motiv wheels, Platinum wheels
  • Tis wheels, Drifz, Gear off road

Canadian auto remarketing provides complete wheel alignment, tire balancing and tire changes services on all vehicle makes and models, from imports to domestics.

Hunter HawkEye Elite® Wheel Aligner, Aligns accurately the first-time using Hunter’s award-winning WinAlign® software.  Our shop is equipped with Hunter wheel alignment machine which specializes in complete wheel alignment systems and it is the most powerful wheel alignment machine on the market today. Four precision cameras provide alignment measurements with pinpoint accuracy. Clamps hook tires and protective ring provides no metal-to-metal contact to avoid rim damage.

What Does the Check Engine Light Really Mean? How can you determine whether your car has a loose fuel cap – or other serious engine problems!

If your light is on, it typically means the car’s emissions control system is faulty and the vehicle is polluting the air beyond allowable federal standards. A vehicle in this condition would fail an emissions inspection or smog check.

Do not confuse the check engine light with the maintenance or service light. These lights illuminate when a routine service is due. They are usually triggered by mileage, gallons of gasoline consumed, or some other type of vehicle-use measurement.

We supply and install all major tire brands

Our licensed and certified mechanics are experienced in all oil change services on all:

  • Acura Audi, BMW, Buick, Chevrolet
  • Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford
  • General Motors, Honda, Hyundai
  • Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Volvo, Lincoln, Lexus
  • Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi
  • Nissan, Porsche, Ram, Subaru, Toyota
  • Volkswagen AND many other makes and models. From diesel to sports cars, SUVs to Motorcycles, we service them all! Canadian Auto Remarketing proudly providing Oil, lube and filter services for customers in St. Albert, Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Sherwood Park, Morinville, Fort Saskatchewan, Devon, Leduc, Beaumont and surrounding metropolitan areas!
Do not buy a used car without a mechanical breakdown warranty.

Is your manufacturer’s service protection about to expire?

Have no Extended Vehicle Mechanical Breakdown Protection coverage on your current vehicle? 

Looking for Extended Vehicle Mechanical Breakdown Protection coverage for Cars, trucks, and SUV’s? 


Did you know that comprehensive mechanical warranty is not just for new vehicles? We offer the best comprehensive Mechanical Breakdown Protection for used vehicles. Mechanical Breakdown Protection eliminates concerns about the durability of major drive train assemblies and hi-tech components, protects you and your family by providing additional coverage for critical safety and comfort components, stands vigilant over your vehicle’s most essential components, and shields against the potential high cost of commonly required repairs.

We supply and install all major tire brands

Canadian Auto Remarketing Supplies and installs vehicle accessories in all makes and vehicle models.

  • Remote Start and Security Alarm Systems
  • Vehicle Dash Cams
  • Radar Detectors
  • Vehicle Navigation
  • Vehicle Lighting
  • Vehicle Seat Heaters
  • Car Audio
  • GPS
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Car key Replacement and Programming
Lift Kits, levelling kits

What does a Leveling kit do for your truck?

Allows you to raise up your front end so it is level with the rear, giving your ride a more balanced overall look. As the name implies, leveling kits are designed to level the height of your vehicle. They raise the front of the vehicle by one or two inches, so it is the same height as the back. These kits generally cost less than lift kits, and they are much easier to install. It is the safest and most economical way to raise the front of your truck for the proper attitude. This gives you the clearance and ability to add wider wheels and tires up to 33″ in diameter.

What does a Lift Kit do for your truck?

A lift kit is designed to really get the body of your vehicle off the ground, with some kits raising the body anywhere from two to ten inches or more if you really want to go all-out with your customizations. Raising the body that much can be an involved process. Additional accessories required, including new springs, shocks, control arms, and brake line modifications. Lift kits can vary widely in size and price, but they generally start at around $2,000 and can work their way up to $5,500 or more.

Raising the body of your vehicle gives you more ground clearance. The higher your truck is from the ground, the less you have to worry about rocks and dirt hitting the underbelly of your vehicle. This will be a good investment if you enjoy taking your vehicle off-road or on long hiking and camping trips.

That extra height also gives you more room for larger tires, even those as large as 37 inches or more, and the rubber will not hit the inside of the fender or bumper when turning. Larger tires provide more traction as you take all kinds of terrain like snow, ice, and mud.

Installing a lift or leveling kit may also affect your vehicle’s warranty, so be sure to double-check this information before you request an install.

All work is repaired by licensed auto mechanics and technicians.

Canadian Auto Auto Service Repairs/Napa Auto Care Center and Tire Shop proudly serves the St. Albert, Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Sherwood Park, Morinville, Fort Saskatchewan, Devon, Leduc, and surrounding metropolitan areas! From imports, domestic, sports vehicles, trucks, SUV’s, sedans, minivans, convertibles, all makes and models like; Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Volvo, Lincoln, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Ram, Subaru, Toyota and Volkswagen. 

Canadian auto remarketing provides complete wheel alignment, tire balancing and tire changes services on all vehicle makes and models, from imports to domestics.

Hunter HawkEye Elite® Wheel Aligner, Aligns accurately the first-time using Hunter’s award-winning WinAlign® software.  Our shop is equipped with Hunter wheel alignment machine which specializes in complete wheel alignment systems and it is the most powerful wheel alignment machine on the market today. Four precision cameras provide alignment measurements with pinpoint accuracy. Clamps hook tires and protective ring provides no metal-to-metal contact to avoid rim damage.

Looking for the best deals on Lift Kits, levelling kits, big tires and custom wheels in Edmonton and St Albert areas? Canadian auto Remarketing supplies and installs Lift Kits and levelling kits for all trucks and SUVs.

Our first priority is customer satisfaction, we strive to compliment the automotive industry. Our repair shop is equipped with everything needed to take care of all of your automotive needs. We are authorized to fulfill maintenance obligations on all vehicles including light trucks, minivans, cars, and SUV’s. We use appropriate parts and procedures to ensure the vehicle manufacturer is obligated to honour its warranty agreement.


  • Misaligned front wheels and/or worn steering components, like the idler or ball joint, can cause wandering or difficulty steering in a straight line.

● Pulling – the vehicle’s tendency to steer to the left or right – can be caused by something as routine as under-inflated tires, or as serious as a damaged or misaligned front end.

Ride and Handling

● Worn shock absorbers or other suspension components – or improper tire inflation – can contribute to poor cornering.

● While there is no hard and fast rule about when to replace shock absorbers or struts, try this test: bounce the vehicle up and down hard at each wheel and then let go. See how many times the vehicle bounces. Weak shocks will allow the vehicle to bounce twice or more.

● Springs do not normally wear out and do not need replacement unless one corner of the vehicle is lower than the others. Overloading your vehicle can damage the springs.

● Balance tires properly. An unbalanced or improperly balanced tire causes a vehicle to vibrate and may wear steering and suspension components prematurely.

Trouble Shooting

● Alternator – Loose wiring can make your alternator appear defective. Your technician should check for loose connections and perform an output test before replacing the alternator.

● Battery – Corroded or loose battery terminals can make the battery appear dead or defective. Your technician should clean the terminals and test battery function before replacing the battery.

● Starter – What appears to be a defective starter actually may be a dead battery or poor connection.

Ask your technician to check all connections and test the battery before repairing the starter.

● Muffler – a loud rumbling noise under your vehicle indicates a need for a new muffler or exhaust pipe.

● Tune-up – The old-fashioned “tune-up” may not be relevant to your vehicle. Fewer parts, other than belts, spark plugs, hoses, and filters, need to be replaced on newer vehicles. Follow the recommendations in your owner’s manual.


Poor transmission performance may come from actual component failure or a simple disconnected hose or plugged filter.

Make sure the technician checks the simple items first; transmission repairs normally are expensive. Some of the most common symptoms of transmission problems are:

● Abrupt or hard shifts between gears.

● Delayed or no response when shifting from neutral to drive or reverse.

● Failure to shift during normal acceleration.

● Slippage during acceleration. The engine speeds up, but the vehicle does not respond.


Brake problems have several symptoms. Schedule diagnosis and repair if:

● The vehicle pulls to one side when the brakes are applied.

● The brake pedal sinks to the floor when pressure is maintained.

● You hear or feel scraping or grinding during braking.

● The “brake” light on the instrument panel is lit.


The following symptoms indicate engine trouble. Get a diagnosis and schedule the repair.

● Difficulty starting the engine.

● The “check engine” light on the instrument panel is lit.

● Rough idling or stalling.

● Poor acceleration.

● Poor fuel economy.

● Excessive oil use (more than one quart between changes).

● Engine continues running after the key is removed. 

Preventive Maintenance

What are the consequences of postponing maintenance?

Many parts on your vehicle are interrelated. Ignoring maintenance can lead to trouble: specific parts — or an entire system — can fail. Neglecting even simple routine maintenance, like changing the oil or checking the coolant, can lead to poor fuel economy, unreliability, or costly breakdowns. It also may invalidate your warranty.

What maintenance guidelines should I follow to avoid costly repairs?

Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual for your type of driving. 

Sounds Like Trouble
Squeaks, squeals, rattles, rumbles, and other sounds provide valuable clues about problems and maintenance needs. Here are some common noises and what they mean:

Squeal — A shrill, sharp noise, usually related to engine speed:
Loose or worn power steering, fan or air conditioning belt.

Click — A slight sharp noise, related to either engine speed or vehicle speed:
Loose wheel cover.
Loose or bent fan blade.
Stuck valve lifter or low engine oil.

Screech — A high-pitched, piercing metallic sound; usually occurs while the vehicle is in motion:
Caused by brake wear indicators to let you know it’s time for maintenance.

Rumble — a low-pitched rhythmic sound:
Defective exhaust pipe, converter or muffler.
Worn universal joint or other drive-line component.

Ping — A high-pitched metallic tapping sound, related to engine speed:
Usually caused by using gas with a lower octane rating than recommended. Check your owner’s manual for the proper octane rating. If the problem persists, engine ignition timing could be at fault.

Heavy Knock — A rhythmic pounding sound:
Worn crankshaft or connecting rod bearings.
Loose transmission torque converter.

Clunk — A random thumping sound:
Loose shock absorber or other suspension component.
Loose exhaust pipe or muffler

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