I saw an ad on kijiji a mazda 6 popped out, it looked quite beautiful in pictures but I have heard many bad experiences when it comes to dealer selling used cars, I went there first day, and Jay, Jamal act in a professional and friendly manner, I took a look at the car, and he gave me the key, let me drive the car around and try it out. The car end up with brakes feeling weird and transmission fluid was not optimal. I told Jay about it and he actually changed the brakes and did both transmission flush and filter for the same price of the vehicle! Besides, he also gave me a 12000km 12 months drive train and seal/gasket warranty! That means any seals or gasket that fails and leak oil. Or any problem about the transmission, he can repair it, Jay also does not charge for documentation fees and stuff that normal dealers charge. Im very happy about my experience and definitely recommand Jay for your used car dealer.