Canadian Auto Remarketing is a Licensed Out-of-Province inspection facility by Alberta Transportation Vehicle Inspection Program. 

  • Out-of-Province Inspections
  • Vehicle Fitness Assessment Inspection (AMVIC)
  • Insurance Inspections/Safety Inspections
  • Buyer/Seller Vehicle inspections
  • Full Mechanical Inspections
  • Warranty Inspection
  • Uber/Taxi Vehicle Inspection
How long does it take to conduct each type of inspection?
  • Out-of-Province Inspections – (up to 2 hours)
  • Vehicle Fitness Assessment Inspection (AMVIC) (Less than 2 Hours)
  • Insurance Inspections/Safety Inspections (One hour)
  • Buyer/Seller Vehicle inspections (One Hour)
  • Full Mechanical Inspections (2 Hours)
  • Warranty Inspection (One Hour)

Canadian Auto Remarketing in St Albert, AB. Is a Licensed Out-of-Province inspection facility. Specializing in Out of province inspections, Uber Vehicle Inspection, AMVIC Inspections, Warranty Inspection, Insurance Inspections, Buyer/Seller inspections, Safety Inspections, Tires, wheels, & Alignment

We are a local family run business and our Automotive experience started in 1988 in St Albert and we continue to be committed to delivering affordable used vehicles, complete automotive service repairs, tires, and wheels with added value to our customers every chance we can, with a great available selection of used vehicles, tires, wheels, and automotive service repairs at amazing, discounted prices for those seeking incredible deals without compromising service and quality.

Out-of-Province Inspections

Our journeyperson technician, licensed by the Vehicle Inspection Program, performs out of province inspections. The inspection can take up to 2 hours to perform.

If your vehicle fails inspection, you must repair it within 10 days of the date on the record of inspection.

Vehicles repaired and presented for re-inspection within 10 days will be subject to verification of required repairs only. If the vehicle is not presented within 10 days, a new inspection will be required.

Inspection certificates must be presented to any Alberta registry agent within 14 days from the date of issue. If you fail to present the certificate within 14 days, the vehicle will be required to undergo a full out of province vehicle inspection.

Vehicle Fitness Assessment Inspection (AMVIC)

Our Mechanical Fitness Assessment form for used vehicles is done by our licensed journeyman technician on all vehicles before they are sold.  The assessment form identifies more than 60 vehicle equipment parts, including equipment in the: powertrain, lamps, instruments, brakes, steering, suspension, frame and body, tires, and wheels, electrical and all other required components.

Insurance/Safety/Warranty Inspections

Protect your investment by insisting on a trusted mechanical breakdown warranty from Canadian Auto Remarketing in St Albert, our mechanical Breakdown Protection provides the added comfort and peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is comprehensively covered beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Buyer/Seller Vehicle inspections

The buyer/seller car inspection is a comprehensive inspection that covers pretty much everything. The auto technician will also take the vehicle on a road test.

Full Mechanical Inspections 

Many parts on your vehicle are interrelated. Ignoring maintenance can lead to trouble: specific parts — or an entire system — can fail. Neglecting even simple routine maintenance, like changing the oil or checking the coolant, can lead to poor fuel economy, unreliability, or costly breakdowns.

Uber/Taxi Inspections

Inspection requirements: An e-Safety Check, or “pink slip”, vehicle inspection is a required document to drive using Uber in NSW.