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Fix your car now and pay later.

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Fix Your Auto Repairs/Buy Tires/Get an Extended Warranty Now, Pay Later!

Are you a bit short on cash now and need to fix your vehicle? Keep your cash and use the vehicle’s value to pay for maintenance and repair costs! We can help! Auto repairs can be costly when they happen. Whether it is unforeseen mechanical issues, or a new set of tires. Canadian Auto/Napa Auto Care offers Automotive Repair Financing with our flexible auto repair loans will get your vehicle safely back on the road – quickly. Canadian Auto/Napa Auto Care, fix your auto repairs/buy tires/buy an extended warranty Now, Pay later!

When the engine light comes on, your main concern should not be the cost. We offer auto repairs, tires, wheels and vehicle entended warranty financing when you need it most. Buy what you want. Pay how you want. We offer you 3 auto repairs financing options to choose from! Get approved quick with Flexiti Card, Landcare and AutologiQ Auto Repair Financing in minutes.


  1. Online application process with instant approval status
  2. Quick approval.
  3. Some of our Lenders do not require credit checks.
  4. No income verification required.


  1. Maximum loan amount of $10,000
  2. Terms up to 48 months
  3. Our payment plans make your purchase more affordable.
  4. Get what you want now and pay later.


  1. Easily pay online through your own bank account.
  2. The process is 100% online and secure.
  3. Drive away and pay later!
  4. Application to customers, anywhere, 24/7.
  5. Online application process with quick approval status


  1. Flexiti Card / 2. LendCare Automotive Repair Financing / 3. AutologiQ


Flexiti Card

Payment Flexibility*

Our buy now, pay later financing plans help make your purchase more affordable.

  • Flexible financing plans* Split up your purchase or pay later with 0% interest1.
  • Quick approval. Get approved for financing in minutes2 and use your FlexitiCard over and over again.
  • Shop the Flexiti NetworkTM Shop with your FlexitiCard at over 7,500 retail locations in-store or online.
Flexiti Card for auto repairs and tires

Anything you have available in store can be financed with Flexiti Financial.

Keep on shopping. Use your FlexitiCard again and again at over 8,000 retail locations in the Flexiti Network without needing to reapply.

What is Flexiti used for?
Financing lets you purchase big-ticket items sooner by breaking up your payments into smaller, affordable monthly payments – all while paying less promotional interest* than a traditional credit card. With Flexiti, the application is quick and simple, making it more conveniant to finance your purchase.
LendCare Card
The financing option you’ve been searching for is here. We will take care of the service bill so you can take care of … yourself.

No credit check and no income verification required

Approval decisions in seconds

A secure, encrypted, process, to keep your information safe

Flexible payment terms and no penalty for early repayment

Covers mechanical maintenance and repairs, including seasonal tire installation

Easy online application with quick credit decisions
No effect on your credit score*
No down payment
Lendcare auto repairs financing

LendCare Automotive Repair Financing Drive away and pay later!

There is no credit check, so it will not affect your credit score. The process is 100% online and secure.

Here is all you need to do:

  • Enter the VIN of the vehicle and current mileage.
  • Provide a few details – Name, Address, etc.
  • Customer will verify identity. (Take selfie and a photo of driver’s license to match the application.)
  • Customer will set up loan payments right from the application.
  • Upload the final invoice after repairs are completed and the customer has signed. (Upload a picture of the final invoice in FrontLine portal – almost done!)
  • Electronically sign the loan agreement.

Use the vehicle’s value to pay for maintenance and repair costs

  • No Credit Check
  • No Income Verification

Easy Quote.

When you have an estimate for your repairs, simply enter your repair estimate into the CALCULATOR to determine the monthly payment.

Easy Approval.

Access up to 50% of the current value of your vehicle and spread your repair bill over 36 Easy Monthly Payments. No credit or income verification.

Easy Pay.

Open loan means you can pay off the total amount anytime with no penalty and no extra interest.

Easy Monthly Payments (EMP) is a repair financing solution that allows consumers to leverage the value of their vehicle to pay for its repairs. All loans are instantly approved without any credit checks or income verification, based on the value of your vehicle. The program allows you to repay the loan conveniently over 36 months with the option to pay off the balance at any time without any penalties.

An EMP loan can be used towards all repairs and maintenance of your vehicle, including the purchase of tires, rims, lift kits, upgrades and other accessories installed on your vehicle. You can also pay insurance deductibles with EMP. The applicable labour charges and taxes are also eligible to be included in the loan. Counter purchases of tires, rims, parts and accessories without installation are not eligible for EMP.

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